Government encourages entrepreneurs to set up EV charging stations. What are the New Business OPPORTUNITIES in India's EV Charging Industry?

EV EVSE Course Offered by AEVT

EV EVSE Business Management

Electric Vehicle Business Management
EV EVSE Business Management Course for Entrepreneurs
Techno Commercial skill for EV Startups: This course also explains how electric mobility can work for various businesses, including fleet managers, automobile manufacturers and charging infrastructure providers. you can able to create e-mobility business for your company

EV Infrastructure Engineer

EV Infrastructure Engineer
EV Infrastructure Engineering (complete course for EV EVSE Development Engineers)
Learn about EV technology, EV supply equipment, assembly unit development, EV Charging Infrastructure and more from industry exparts, Design Guidelines, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering releated with PCS. Advanced Certificate course of EVSE (Cover level - I, II, III).

e-Mobility Corporate Training

e-Mobility Corporate Training
e-Mobility Corporate Training
Corporate & Industrial Training for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment company, EV Charging Network company, EV Charger developer company, EV Communication system development company. Top Industry expert and success startup coming to share knowledge with you.

EV Public Charging Station (AC/DC)

EV Charging Station Business Course
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Design, Installation
Hands-on practical training with in-house theory class on EV Charging Station Designs, planing, costing, ROI, vendor selection and serves as a starting point for EV charging installation projects. Case study of EV charging station business model.

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EV Battery pack assembly line

EV Battery Pack Assembly
Today's battery systems are essential, complex and multi-functional modules in electric vehicles. From AEVT EV Battery Technology and assembly lines training, the vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers may quickly and easily implement their development ideas.

Architecture of PHEV and BEV

Electric Vehicle Course - EV Fundamental
Certificate in Architecture of Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicle
Next Generation Vehicle Technology Certificate Course covers hybrid and electric vehicle engineering concepts, theory, and applications relevant to HEV, PHEV, EREV, and BEV practical training of battery-powered electric vehicle propulsion systems.

Vocational Course on Electric Vehicle

Vocational Course for Engineering Students
Vocational Course on Electric Vehicle for Engineering Students
Indian EV industries will required 15000 engineers in coming future. Become part of the Future of Hybrid Technologies. This course is aimed at system and/or component design engineers, working in the automotive field.

e-Mobility Event/Workshop

e-Mobility Event/Workshop
e-Mobility Event/Workshop
EV Business standard workshop on E-Mobility for working professionals. Building Analysis and Planning Workshop for engineer, business developer, marketing manager, service engineer on e-Mobility only at AEVT. Technical aspect, case study, market analysis with live practical. Round table with top industry leaders.

EV Charging Station

Electric car charging stations can be developed and installed as per the standards accepted in the area where it is installed. The infrastructure guidelines require one charging station to be set up every three km in cities and every 25 km on both sides of highways. The tariff for supply of electricity to electric vehicle public charging station shall not be more than the average cost of supply plus 15%.
The power ministry had earlier last year issued a notification clarifying that setting up charging stations for electric vehicles will not require a separate licence under the Electricity Act of 2003.
Central government announced Rs. 6 per KW. Finding a location, getting the rate from DISCOM and consulting for setting up EV charging station can be great business opportunity.
Chargers prices have been reduced due to lower GST. This is extra factor that will helps to reduce the setup cost.

Electrical work shop for electrical vehicle

Electrical work shop to repair and do electrical related work on electric car is a good business. Electrical motor, circuits etc. would be parts covered by the workshop

Electric car servicing garage

Electric car service is entirely different from internal combustion engine vehicle service. Electric motor repair, Inverter repair etc. would be part of the servicing garage

Spare Parts Manufacturing/selling

Electric vehicle and Electrical vehicle charger spare parts manufacturing or selling is another business that can be started. It’s also good to sell spare parts after importing from the manufacturing units

Electric car battery shop

Battery replacement is necessary in electric vehicles in almost 5 to 10 years. Electric car battery sales shop would be profitable venture as the number EVs increases.

Battery swap hubs

Now see the potential for growth of the EV in India, especially 2-wheelers and envisage the business opportunities that present themselves if you had to put up a battery replacement station. Most electric 2-wheelers have batteries that can be swapped. Build a charging hub, rent out fully charged batteries to those who want them and you're all set to go.

Solar charging station installation centre

Electric vehicle charging station that uses energy from sun is a solution for high electricity demand of charging stations. Installation of solar based home, or private charging stations require expertise. There is a good business opportunity.

Provide Charge and Chill stations

An EV battery cannot be charged quickly. At present charging technology even with amped up super chargers take around 50 minutes to deliver a full charge. People could be having a coffee chilling out in a lounge reading a book or having a snack or a meal, or in some cases even watching a movie. This also means charging stations do not need a dedicated fuel station like destination any longer, cafes, movie halls and even malls can setup charging stations and let people use the charging facility.


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Upcoming Training

  • EV Technology and Business Management - Techno Commercial Training

    Advanced Certificate course of EVSE (Cover level - I, II, III).
    Training Duration: 8 Days (6 Hrs/day)
    AEVT Mumbai (M.H) 10:00 - 18:00
    Training from: 2020-02-09 to 2020-02-16
    Last Date of Admission: 2020-01-31 New schedule
    Total Seat: 15 Nos, Seat Available: 3 No(s)
  • Advanced Certificate for Electric Vehicle Technology

    complete course for EV EVSE Development Engineers
    AEVT Mumbai (M.H) 10:00 - 17:00
    Training from: 2020-02-09 to 2020-02-16
    Last Date of Admission: 2020-02-04 New schedule
  • Advance Certificate in EV Charging Station Development

    AEVT Mumbai (M.H) 10:00 - 17:00
    Training Schedule: 2020-02-13, 2020-02-14, 2020-02-15
    Last Date of Admission: 2020-02-04 New schedule
  • Certificate in EV Battery Technology

    Battery pack assembly production line
    AEVT Mumbai (M.H) 10:00 - 17:00
    Training from: 2020-02-11 to 2020-02-12
    Last Date of Admission: 2020-02-04 New schedule
  • Certificate in Architecture of Hybrid, PHEV & BEV

    AEVT Mumbai (M.H) 10:00 - 17:00
    Training from: 2020-02-09 to 2020-02-10
    Last Date of Admission: 2020-02-04 New schedule

Academy of EV Technology - Mumbai Branch

Cafeinfotech Training Center, Arihant, A16,
Owner's Colony, Vidyavihar East. Mumbai - 400077

Flash News

The Next Big Business Opportunity: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Workplace Charging:

EV fueling can help retain current employees, attract new ones, and demonstrate corporate social citizenship.Installing EV charging stations can be a worthwhile investment that pays for itself in several ways.

Public Parking:

Retail locations and parking garages offering charging stations can appeal to more customers and stand out from the competition.
EV Charging Stations are being installed on a regular basis in residential, commercial and industrial locations.

Here's what you need to know:

Installation shall be in compliance with Electrical Safety

A plug for home or workplace charging

A clear idea of the cost and time needed to charge

Location of Academy of EV Technology - Mumbai Branch

AEVT Mumbai Branch

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